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Manage Scattered Devices on A Single Unified Portal

With the rapid spread of new technology, more and more businesses with edge devices are marking their way around the globe. Allxon makes it possible for these businesses to remotely manage widespread edge devices on a single unified portal.

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Enable Allxon Remote Device Management

3 Ways to Install Allxon Agent

To enable Allxon remote device management, you will first need to install Allxon Agent onto your ADLINK device.

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Method 1: Command Prompt  

Run the following commands on the edge device. The installation process will start automatically.

< Note > Enter the following command without inserting newline.



sudo wget -qO - "https://get.allxon.net/linux/standard" | sudo bash -s -- -m ADLINKcmd


Windows (Run as Administrator):


powershell -command "Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile C:\dms-install.bat https://get.allxon.net/windows/trial/dms-install.bat" & C:\dms-install.bat 







Method 2: Installation File

Download the installation file and execute the file manually on the target edge device.


Click to download


<Note > Having trouble downloading or executing the installation file?
                Please use Method 1 to install Allxon Agent manually.





Method 3: Desktop Installer 

Allxon Agent is preloaded on selected ADLINK devices. Users can easily trigger the installation process from the desktop.

Navigate to the desktop and double-click on the Allxon icon. (selected devices only)


< Note > Having trouble finding the Allxon icon on the desktop?
                 Please use Method 1 to install Allxon Agent manually.





Successful Installation 

Upon successful installation, Allxon Agent should start automatically. If Allxon Agent does not start, please press Ctrl + Shift + B to bring up the agent.





What's Next: Get Pairing Code & Add Device


Head over to the following pages to: 

    1. Get device pairing code, then
    2. Add your device onto Allxon Portal





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